Painted Hairdo’s

People are courageous these days with their hair; some appear as if they walked under a spilled can of bright paint.  And yet, they volunteered these colors for their hair, which truly amazes me.

A stroll through the mall, or a ride on the bus – in fact anywhere and you can catch a glimpse of young women or occasionally not so young women sporting the likes of blue, purple, pink, or orange etc. do’s.  I’m uncertain if it’s a ‘punk’ thing, as some don’t have a full head of color but rather just highlights.  I worked with a woman who dyed her hair blue for a hockey tournament, couldn’t remove the dye afterwards and had to shave her head.  Perish the thought at that one. Continue reading

On the Topic of Toothpicks

THE TOOTHPICK THEORY.  Never actually was aware of one….but here goes.  Why do certain men (never spotted a woman practicing this) sit with a toothpick hanging out of their mouths? This is perplexing to me.  Are they constantly picking their teeth, or savoring the zest of the wood pick, or attempting to act cool/tough or is it kind of a soother thing?

A few days ago in a restaurant, a man seated next to me, was reading his paper and there was his toothpick planted squarely between his lips the entire time.  Turned me off and I thought it looked stupid.

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I always desired ‘streaks’ in my hair by admiring other women, but being more the conservative type, I was hesitant.  Then one day, the bathroom mirror revealed far too much gray and the decision was reached to take the plunge.  Previously, I had been coloring my hair box-style from the pharmacy shelves; a true pain-in-the-neck practice, but now I’ll have both brown permanent color and streaks done by somebody else.

An older woman downtown owned a small hair salon, and cutting my hair on a frequent basis, I was impressed with her knowledge with other clients, so assumed I could trust her for my new venture.  I learned that in today’s society, ‘streaks’, are now named ‘highlights’.  (Hey, I was a ‘70’s teen)

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Giving up my Polyester?

Found via Hang your jeans on shower hooks to make them more assessable. | Community Post: 41 Creative DIY Hacks To Improve Your Home

Surrendering virtually all of my polyester pants, I’m currently into the world of blue denim jeans which is kind of a new found fashion for me.  I’m not one for change, combined with a fuller figure, I’ve shied away from the likes of zippered up anything – elastic being the only means to hold my pants up.

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